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The ISC Dubai is situated in Center of Dubai; it provides you wonderful, marvelous and prominent ventures to make your living standard very much high by proper decoration. The store offers you handy and wide variety of projects with dedication, reliability and commitment. In contrast with other companies who give you their expertise is nothing whatever we provide you is a value for money you paid.

ISC Dubai is a UAE based firm which is providing its services for your home, apartment, villa, building and offices. These services are available in form of multiple formations such as Masonry work, Tiling, Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, Electrical, Mechanical, Painting, Decorating, Transporting, arranging contractors, advising and as well as specialized in Carpentry works at very economical rates. All the jobs are performed by our professionals, engineers and technicians, who are well talented, educated, mannered and disciplined. Their expatriates are in renovating, repairing and maintaining your properties and assets.

We have team of quality Skilled Workers who execute each and every job and assisting technical staff with their expertise in execution of each work whether masonry, painting, carpentry or so on. Believe us we are the real serving company.

  • Painter for Painting Works
  • Cleaner for Floor Drain Sewer Open
  • Plumber for Plumbing Services
  • Electrician for Electrical Services
  • Mechanic for AC / Chiller Services
  • HandyMan for Handyman Drilling Work
  • Carpenter for Carpentry Wooden Work
  • Mason for Masonry Tilling Work

Repair your Carpentry:

Whether renovating, maintaining or remodeling your home wood work, we are the best choice to execute. We promise you to present prominent and prestigious projects to make your premises beautiful with woodwork. Our carpenters are very much knowledgeable and experienced in this business. They are equipped with latest tools and techniques to renovate your doors, cupboards, Kitchen belongings, furniture, beds, partitions, woody stairs, windows and much more.

Remodel your Carpentry:

We also deal in preparing, assembling and fixing new doors, windows, stairs, partitions, chairs, cupboards, dressing tables with latest and new trends and designs in your property. Our carpenters are learnt and qualified to execute any kind of wood work as well as handy crafting of woods, decorating your home with various designs and styles of wood is our art. We are very much recognized in Dubai and people love ISC Dubai because of its outstanding performance.

Tune Up your Carpentry:

The wood work needs to be tuned up time to time due to hot and rough weather in Dubai. We also provide you protecting services for your vital woody decorations inside or outside your home from termite. We perform all kind of jobs for maintaining your home items which are made of wood not only, we, but also other maintenance facilities are available at our store such as masonry, painting, partition, and so on.

Carpentry Maintaining Services:

The carpenters of the company, you will find them as maintaining giants of your wooden beauty at your home. They know how to keep wood chairs, wood partitions, beds, dining tables, wooden furniture preserved. Believe us whatever we say we perform.