Door Locks Repair

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Door locks play a significant role in maintaining the security and the safety of our loved ones. It will be a serious issue if the door that has been used by the people has any problem. However, for every problem, there is a solution. So, if you are looking for Door Locks Repair, then the only solution is IBRAHIM SAHRAWI CARPENTARY L.L.C Dubai. Our professional will repair all kinds of locks briskly. We replace the whole lock, using simple repair techniques besides fixing the door lock problems.

In this article, we will be stating some the door lock problems that require fixing door lock repairs. We assure to give you the best service and help in fixing the door lock repairs. Many people will prefer to choose our company professionals since we install and repair the locks without damaging your property and compromising on the security.

Door Locks Repair:

  • Door Handles Fixing
  • Door Locks Fixing
  • Lock Cylinder Change
  • Windows Handle Changing
  • Installing Cabinet Locks
  • Closet Locks Fixing

Now, one can take a look at the points stated below that will help them in understanding the different problems that can occur with their door lock and what can be the possible fixes for such problems.

  • The problem with lock bolt: There can be the scenario when the door lock is moving, but the bolt is not. In such condition, there can be both alignment and jamming issues with the bold. The most used fixing mechanism is just removing the lock and then checking it. In the case problem is found then you can take measure to overcome the problem or you can simply replace the old stuck lock.
  • Slow working of the door lock: This slow operation can be due to the wear out of some of the internal parts, dust, and greasing problems. This entire problem can be fixed after taking a look at the possible reason. If the need cleaning, the one should try to clean the dirt. If the lock need then oiling and greasing should be done. In the case of wear out the only method of fixing door lock repair is the replacement of the lock.
  • Heard of frozen lock? In the countries where the temperature is below 0 degree Celsius, people might suffer from the frozen locks. In this case, the fixing method is simply adding the hotkey into the lock to heat it up.
  • Latching issues of the lock: This is all about the misalignment of the lock bolt with the striking plate, In the case of the minor latch gap try to fill the gap and then work accordingly. In the case of it is not working out find the proper locksmith and asks for the help in fixing the door lock repairs.

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