Doors Installation & Repairing

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Undeniably, your home is said to be in a good shape if the doors, windows, and cabinets in your home are in a top-notch condition and are working effectively. Also, doors and windows are the most important part of a home or office that it adds functionality and aesthetic details to your place. If there are any Doors Installation & Repairing problems or door handles, hinges or other areas, our expert IBRAHIM SAHRAWI CARPENTARY L.L.C Dubai repairers will come to your place with the right equipment and superior quality furniture hardware to bring back your doors, cabinets, and windows into normal working condition.

Doors Installation & Repairing:

  • Doors Hinges Repair
  • Door Lock Fixing
  • Door Handles Fixing
  • Tighten Doors
  • Doors Repairing
  • Doors Installation

Our technicians will install, repair, and replace the doors and windows. Also, we replace locks, hinges, handles, knobs, glass, and re-caulk around the windows. However, if the windows and doors are beyond repair, then we will replace your windows to give a new look to your home space. Our professionals use superior quality materials in repairing the doors and windows while strengthening your home security.

Undeniably, it is a terrifying experience for the people when intruders break into their home through windows which have broken glazing and frames.

Apart from doors and windows, cabinets are the important part of kitchen and bathroom. This lets people to store things without putting them outside and make the area look messy. In fact, these will lift up the beauty and style of a place. However, with daily usage, the doors of the cabinets will sag, the surface gets dinged, and the hinges get corrosive. Here are a few repairs that are carried out on kitchen cabinets by our IBRAHIM SAHRAWI CARPENTARY L.L.C Dubai repairers.

  • Adjust the side and depth screws: Hinges are designed exclusively to adjust and easy opening and closing of cabinets. We fix depth screws to turn around your cabinets with ease. At times, we lose the screws, nudge them in and out and then tighten them.
  • Adjust the catch: The self-closing hinges equipped with new doors will keep the cabinets shut. The catch will be broken quickly or hard to adjust for the doors that are not closed. There are only two screws used to fix the catch. So, we will replace them. First, we loosen the screw, adjust it, and then tighten it.
  • Fix bumpers for banging doors: If you are feeling irritated to listen to the banging sound of cabinets while shutting them, call us. Our professionals will add bumpers to the top and bottom of the door to keep the noise while opening and closing the cabinets at bay.

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