Furniture Assembly

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A home is incomplete without furniture. This lift up the beauty of the space and making a necessary seating area for the people to sit and relax. We, at IBRAHIM SAHRAWI CARPENTARY L.L.C Dubai are assembly different models of furniture at a very competitive price. Our craftsmanship will crave the furniture by taking your preferences, taste, and budget into account. Many people will sell the pieces of furniture which one has to assemble correctly. Basically, furniture stores will dismantle the furniture for easy transportation. However, after furniture arrives on your doorsteps, you would need to hire Furniture Assembly professionals.

Furniture Assembly:

  • Bed Assembly
  • Sofa Come Bed Assembly
  • Sofa Assembly
  • Ikea Assembly
  • Wardrobe Assembly
  • Cabinet Assembly
  • Cupboard Assembly
  • Dressing Table Assembly
  • Book Shelve Assembly
  • Chest Draw Assembly

Our experts will assemble the furniture impeccably that fits in your living space. We will assemble the furniture without causing any damage to the new and plush furniture.

Basically, the homeowners can also install the furniture by themselves, if the furniture is lightweight and easy to assemble. Though it would be a challenging task to find which part should be fixed after each other, with proper instructions, you can assemble the furniture briskly. Here are a few tips we follow to assemble the furniture and make the Furniture Assembling Dubai process hassle-free.

  • Make ample space: Prior to starting the assembling process, we would find the spacious place in your home to keep tools and furniture parts. There are high chances of losing minor parts choosing a congested room. We to choose the room other than the place where it has to be positioned, but ensure to move the furniture from that room to another after assembly safely.
  • Jot down the hardware required: We make a list of parts and hardware to be used to assemble the furniture. Our experts recommend usage to put all the hardware in a plastic bag to avoid misplacement and open it while building.
  • Collect the required tools for assembly: The instruction manual will clearly mention the tools required to assemble the furniture. An example of tools our experts would use include wrenches, screwdrivers, etc. We keep the tools in a proper condition and get sharpen tools while assembly to attain quality output.
  • Prepare a layout: After making a list of parts, tools, and hardware, we would arrange the set of similar pieces aside to carry out the assembly process smoothly.
  • Carefully follow the instructions: We organize things and follow the instructions given by the furniture manufacturer carefully. If we do not understand any of the instructions, we would read them twice and make sure which part has to be assembly and built first.

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