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Wooden flooring is becoming a popular part of our houses these days. It does not matter if it is the home, office or any hotel and restaurant, Parquet Flooring is one of the best options that not only enhance the looks but also provides with the smooth and slip free surface with the lesser finishing. However, you can hire IBRAHIM SAHRAWI CARPENTARY L.L.C Dubai to install parquet flooring.

Parquet Flooring:

  • Installing Parquet Flooring
  • Repair Wooden Flooring
  • Polish Wood Floor
  • Removing Parquet Flooring
  • Polishing Parquet Flooring

Parquet Flooring is similar to the wooden flooring in which different wood blocks are attached so that they gave to make the unusual and unique patterns.

In this article, we IBRAHIM SAHRAWI CARPENTARY L.L.C will be stating some of the distinct features of the Parquet Flooring that will allow you to understand how it is installed but also some of the maintenance tricks that should be done when you are using the Parquet Flooring.

People can take a look at the point stated below for understanding the installation feature of the Parquet Flooring, and that is followed by our IBRAHIM SAHRAWI CARPENTARY L.L.C professionals

  • The woods that are used in this flooring are made up of the Oak Tree, Walnut, Hickory, poplar, ash, maple, American cherry, red birch, mahogany, and some other wood kinds.
  • The wooden piece that can be used as one entity of this Parquet Flooring can be of size 12”*12” and also of 32”*32”.
  • They come in two different types, finished and unfinished with the only difference that the amount of finishing tool utilization less in unfinished flooring and higher in finished flooring.
  • The installation methods can be the both installed using the adhesive or using the nut and bold depending on the sub floor type and the demand of the owner.

Installation also depended on the kind of subfloor such that

  1. For concrete subfloor, adhesives are used,
  2. For wooden subfloor, both nuts and the adhesives are used
  3. Moreover, in the case of the radiant heating floor, the heating should be installed a several days before the wooden flooring and should be turned off hours before the installation of Parquet Flooring.

Now let’s discuss some of the cleaning tips that our professionals embrace to maintain flooring include:

  • Never use the rotating or always running brushes as they may damage the flooring.
  • Make sure to use the less moisturizing option as wood may reshape due to the moisture.
  • Refinishing should also be done after some time so that the finished look is maintained even after the using the flooring for a long time.
  • For cleaning make sure to use the light weight machines so that the hardwood does not get destroyed.



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