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Does not want the outside vehicular and stereo sounds to reach your home? And, do you want to create a peaceful and serene environment? Then, you need to install SoundProof Partition from us, IBRAHIM SAHRAWI CARPENTARY L.L.C Dubai. Our technicians will install the partition to stop the outside noises enter into your home premises and inside noises to go out. Basically, people who want to watch movies and play instruments at their place have to install these soundproofing materials. The best of using sound proof partition is that you can partition your noisy area from other rooms without remodeling the place to make it quiet.

SoundProof Partition Making:

  • Glass SoundProof Partition
  • Wooden SoundProof Partition
  • Gypsum SoundProof Partition

We fix this partition in the homes, office space, restaurants, and other commercial areas. In fact, these soundproof partitions are easy to move. These partitions never look like sound absorbers. They look like a decorative piece in the office. These are made of fiberglass and are available in different colors, textures and comes with artwork.

It is a little daunting task to install soundproof partitions. However, our professionals move them around. These are the perfect option for the people who want to reduce annoying noises, add privacy and keep background noise at bay. These temporary partitions can be fixed in any room where you want peace. In fact, we add these partitions without major renovation using out experience and skills. These can be installed in both residential and commercial spaces. These will reduce noises that are spread in the office. However, the amount of noise reduced totally relies on the type of partition you use, wall construction, flooring, ceiling finish, and furniture. However, our experts will decide the right place to install the partition. If there are many belongings in the room and is partitioned with a soundproof glass, then you can cease the noise levels to enter inside. These soundproof partitions are also called as room dividers. We recommend to install double gazed acoustic doors to make the room soundproof.

Our experts will position this door in the right place to filter out the noises. We recommend you to use this partition in the area that are open to corridors and walkways. If you have budget constraints, then you can choose a frameless glass door with soundproof seal. This looks alike to that of the door and keeps the noise levels from entering into your office premises. Also, this occupies less space and add beauty to your place.


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